P4F follows the ideals of FSF (Free Software Foundation) and that of Richard Matthew Stallman “very closely”. The numeric 4 in our name refers to the 4 freedoms mentioned by RMS (as it is mentioned on our website home page).

While we strongly believe in the ideals of FSF and propagate the same with extreme passion, we tend to position ourselves as an active community change bringer. And we engage with everyone to bring the change.

So unlike FSF we might not say that using ubuntu is bad, or for that matter do not use windows. We rather intend to be present in all those forums to point out the concerns and solutions. We believe that more awareness is our strength. It will make more people demand these freedoms and will eventually bring in the change.

We are activists of software freedom and we take Richard Matthew Stallman’s guidance as our guiding light. But we walk on our own and are much more accommodating in terms of community and enterprise engagements.

We are strong believers of commercial success. Money is important for anyone and everyone. It may not be the only thing in life but a very important thing for sure. We therefore try to build a thriving community that can also show commercial success of freedomware.

freedomware.io is an effort to rename free software as it does not convey the message properly in our opinion and we have seen people mixing it up with freeware. We thus call it as freedomware. It is clear, concise and just enough to convey the message.

freewaresociety.com focuses on the community of freeware – free, fredom or openware on free or closed platforms

communityware.org focuses on the software or technology developed by active participation of a community. We in this case would even appreciate the .net community.

So as you can see, we appreciate people trying to bring in more freedom in whatever constrained environment they may be confined in. We appreciate their passion for freedom whether they have been able to achieve it completely (which is the only acceptable case as it seems for FSF ) or partially.